Aren’t We Bullied Enough?


As I walk down the hall, I hear a mocking comment directed towards me. Suddenly, I’m having a flashback to high school- I’m the freshman who is fumbling with my locker combination, while the boy across the hall is ridiculing me. I guess some boys never grow up. Why would a grown man whose never met me, feel entitled to make a disparaging remark? I’d say he’s a misogynist but I don’t have enough proof, and it seems like lately I’ve been abusing the word. There’s a difference between a misogynist and  a bully. Like the little boy who pulls your hair in elementary school, or the gym teacher who body shames you while your playing dodge ball. Or like your boy friend who cheats on you because you were “just too sweet.” Then worst of all, the activist who thinks it’s best that you “remain exclusive, but don’t put a label on it.” In other words, “you can’t be with anyone else but I can.”


Well, then maybe this bully is also a mean misogynist. I hate to break it to Tay Tay Swift, but even when you’re living in a “big old city,” you will meet mean people. I’m tempted every week to tell the bully what I think of him, but  instead I just roll my eyes.  Showing strength means ignoring him. I  give him the benefit of the doubt.  He’s insecure. He’s lonely.  He was also bullied. Any moment, he’ll realize he was wrong and will give me a sincere apology. 


How do so many adult men get away with putting down women? The guys who walk around preaching  peace, love, and equality should practice what’s written on their dirty, faded teeshirts; the true hypocrites who claim they care about social injustice cause  pain to their own sisters. Don’t they understand that we suffer needlessly because of it? Surely they don’t mean to hurt us. Surely the smiles they flash at us is their way of apologizing. They will feel remorse. I imagine they do. However, why would they think it’s acceptable to say and do such nasty things? Oh I forgot, look who just became our 45th President.


2 thoughts on “Aren’t We Bullied Enough?

  1. Life is so painful! So many bullies and then even life bullies us as it brings death to our doors. 😭😭😭 what are we gonna do?


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